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​​​If your debts are less than a prescribed amount, you may meet the eligibility criteria for a Debt Relief Order.  This is similar to bankruptcy as a way of preventing creditors from pursuing you in respect of your liabilities. Provided you adhere to the conditions of the DRO, your debts are written off after a 12 month period.  To meet the eligibility criteria for a DRO you must have:

  • Less than £20,000 of unsecured debts (e.g excluding Hire Purchase or loans secured on any asset)
  • Less than £50 per month surplus income
  • Less than £1,000 worth of assets
  • Lived and worked in England and Wales for the last 3 years
  • Not applied for a DRO in the last 6 years

​DROs are administered by authorised intermediaries who you should contact to get appropriate debt advice and assess whether a DRO would be appropriate for you.

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